the chess set

Some years ago Tony Kelly came up with the idea for a story. It concerned a lot of magic, mysticism, arcane and alchemical lore combined with science, natural and physical, plus references to material yet to be fully understood within the psychic realm.

The story centres upon a special Chess Set which is used as an analogue means of defining and comprehending the state and nature of the universe as it is known in order to be able to manipulate matter and achieve man's ultimate goal.

Transmutation. The philosophers' stone. The ancient alchemists dream realised. The ability to transform materials, in particular to be able to change base metal into gold. The great Folly. Life everlasting.

In order to elucidate this story and to make a three dimensional representation of the basis of the story's premise, Tony Kelly has been producing, by long wrought and heavily researched processes, each one of the individually designed and handmade parts of a very special chess set of 32 peculiar and highly individual pieces.

Each chessman is an entity in itself yet relates to all the other pieces by its individual parts and content and its relationship to the unique board upon which it operates.

Rare and exotic materials, gems and fabulous things are combined to create this ultimate of exemplars.

So the game begins.

Can you discover all the secrets?