Profile of Anthony Francis Kelly, The Silversmith

Tony Kelly, (the A.F. is his formal Sunday title), first set up on his own in 1977. His purpose was to provide that which seemed to be missing in the realm of gold and silversmithing, that is to design and make one-off items specifically to order. To make those things that you cannot buy off the shelf because they do not yet exist.

When you cannot find exactly what you require, or worse still when you do not really know what you want, that is when Tony Kelly comes into his own. His speciality is in solving these problems and in providing that special, individually designed item, be it a tiny ear-stud or an enormous table centrepiece.

In a world of mass production and a growing lack of individuality, Tony Kelly is something of an anachronism. He only makes one-offs. Each individual commission is treated exactly as that, an individual piece made for an individual purpose.

The only limits upon what you can have are your imagination and your budget.

Check out the website to find out more and see some examples of work undertaken. Alternatively contact Tony directly on 01539 725344 or 07887 688052, he is always happy to chat through anyideas or requirements.