Services available

Comissions Including jewellery

Designing and manufacturing of all kinds of items in gold, silver or platinum plus other materials, large or small, from cufflinks to coffeepots, earrings to table centrepieces.

Typical items made: Jewellery, Objets D'Art, Tea & Coffee Services, Church Plate and Religious Artefacts, Flatware(Cutlery), Centrepieces, Commemorative/Memorial Pieces, Trophies, Prizes, Militaria , gifts for Weddings, Christenings, Anniversaries,etc.,Candelabra, Technical ware, Amusements and Novelties and much, much more besides.

Re-Working and Re-Modelling

Re-working and re-modelling of customers' own items or materials, subject to assessment of viability.

Repair, Restoration and Refurbishment

Of items ancient or modern, subject to viability.

Other services

Silver & Gold plating
Engraving as part of an ordered item
Plinths, cases and carriage boxes provided for ordered items.
Valuations for Insurance purposes only.
Supplies of thin silver sheet for making traditional Windermere Char lures.They are magic, go to: The Magical Lure of the Char.
Bizarre items !
Lectures and talks on Silversmithing and related subjects. By appointment.

Check out the website to find out more and see some examples of work undertaken. Alternatively contact Tony directly on 01539 725344 or 07887 688052, he is always happy to chat through anyideas or requirements.